I am convinced that life in a physical body is meant to be an ecstatic experience.
— Shakti Gawain

Professional Training

Miranda is a certified flower essence practitioner, yoga teacher and Pilates instructor with a focus in rehabilitation through functional movement.  She has been teaching for over 10 years.  Her practice, The Authentic Body, combines the vibrational healing properties of flower essences with functional movement re-patterning.  The results are a lightness of body and spirit. Her knowledge of the body and underlying variables is vast and her approach is joyful, sincere and profound.


Miranda was certified by Delta Gardens in 2001. Over the last 15 years she has continued her education with David Dalton, Jane Bell and Sonia Zelayandia studying and exploring the expansive healing qualities of flowers on mind, body and spirit.


Miranda completed her Pilates training through Balanced Body University in San Francisco in 2011.  Her advanced training for rehabilitation through movement has been with Chris Black, Nancy Myers, Liz Romen, and Ruthie Wahlborg-Scott.


Miranda completed her yoga teacher training with Larry Shultz at It’s Yoga San Francisco in 2009.  She lived in Italy for 2 years and was the lead facilitator for It’s Yoga Florence’s International Teacher Trainings.  She has led classes and workshops in Florence, Tuscany, Belgium, Sicily and California and facilitates retreats in Europe, Mexico, and the U.S.

She continues both her teaching and personal practice with Rene Henley and Steve Pyka and the inspiring community of Asta Yoga in San Francisco. 




The story of my healing journey began the day I made a choice to free myself from the pain I had been living in for decades - the self-hate, suicidal thoughts, depression and physical pain I suffered from into my adult life. Those experiences were so real, I often mistook them for Truth. Yet, my real story started earlier...

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Miranda has an innate wisdom and nurturing energy that permeates the methods she practices. She facilitates healing from any kind of injury or pain in a holistic and transformative way that is greatly benefited from her unique and tailored guidance.
— Julian Davis, Attorney