Flower Essences

Flower essences are liquid energetic remedies derived from living flowers. They bring the natural, dynamic energy of a plant directly into the human system, supporting movement towards greater health and balance.  Because of their energetic and living quality, flower essences are able to interface directly and deeply with the emotional system, assisting in the release of early wounding and trauma. The suppression of emotional imprints is today considered a contributing factor in the formation of disease and pain.



Pilates focuses on integrating the mind and body to create exercises that foster body intelligence.  Each movement is performed with awareness and purpose to remind our bodies to function as the powerful symphony in which we were designed. Pilates teaches the body to move more like a cat, with a precision, ease and lightness that can be experienced in everyday life.



Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga emphasizes the union of breath and movement to create transformation.  When practiced with awareness, this combination harnesses the mind to create a calm and dynamic meditative movement state of being. 

 In this meditation, static of the mind is lowered and a communication with the higher intelligence of body and spirit are developed.   As well as toning the muscles, organs and respiratory system, yoga fosters communication between the individual and their body through the language of feeling.  

Miranda is without question the most attuned movement leader I have ever worked with. The strengthening and depth of her practice is unparalleled.  Miranda creates a warm environment that is safe for physical and spiritual growth. She has a deep love for her practice and sharing it with others to inspire their own awakening.
— Rebecca Jean, CEO Rebecca Jean Catering