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The Authentic Body is one’s natural state of health and inborn ease. It is through trauma and learned patterns that we develop injury and dis-ease. A painful memory from the past can be stored in the body affecting the way we move. The combination of held trauma and a dysfunctional movement pattern creates physical pain. Rather than merely treating symptoms, The Authentic Body uses a trinity of modalities to identify and resolve pain at its origin.



Experience What Lies Beyond Pain


We use flower essences to find and release the imprint that holds suffering.

Then, we incorporate Pilates techniques to reinforce strong and easeful movement patterns.  

Last, we apply yogic practices to integrate body and mind.

Profound and lasting healing occurs from the inside out. Once pain is released, vitality and personal power are achievable.  

“Miranda is an incredible instructor with an impressive range of techniques that include Pilates, yoga and dance, an amazing attitude and a wonderful ability to adopt to any group on the fly. I’ve done Pilates for 7 years and can state with confidence that Miranda is an expert at what she does and is at the top of her game.”
— Deena Varshavskaya, CEO at Wanelo
I have been suffering from severe back issues for more than 30 years which included 3 back surgeries. Prior to my first session, I spent 4 weeks totally debilitated, in excruciating pain and doctors offered me a solution that would only last 5 months. That’s when I met Miranda. We did 3 sessions a week. 4 months later I felt like a new man. My skiing buddy, the legendary Scot Schmidt said: “Dan I have never seen you ski so well.” This is 100% due to my work with Miranda.
— Daniel T. Reiner, Founder of Stemcentx